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Computer-Aided Design Coordination

We create 3D models as each job progresses. This enables us to keep track of changing conditions with pinpoint accuracy.

Take a tour of our ongoing project for the Archdiocese of New York:

We take pride in our ability to incorporate the most cutting edge technology into our design processes. With the use of 3-D modeling we are able to incorporate precise existing conditions into our computer-aided design. This gives us a clear cut advantage coordinating the job-site. Coordination between trades is the single most important factor driving budget and schedule. We believe in spending additional resources in perfecting design to save in the long run.

3D Imaging

We have partnered with a leading developer in 3-D imaging to help create a device that tailors to the needs of the general construction industry. As an early adopter of this technology, F&S is able to scan a space consisting of multiple rooms and alter the 3-D image to reflect new construction. It is our belief that the future of residential and commercial construction lies in advanced imaging and the ability to show customers what they are getting before they get it.